About the author

Hey, I'm Kevin from the Netherlands. I've been reading and drawing comics my whole life, purely as a hobby. As a kid the Looney Tunes were a bit of an obsession of mine, and later on I got into manga like Dragon Ball. To this day I still often doodle Dragon Ball characters because I simply love the art style so much.

Eventually, I started wanting to develop stories and characters of my own, and "Sean & Bailey" is my first big original project.

About the comic

Sean & Bailey began as a sprite comic called Double Devotion, using modified sprites from the Game Boy Color game Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors. Though it was fairly well received on the forum I posted it, the writing was quite amateurish. Also, the time I was using to make these sprite comics was better spent drawing an actual comic, I thought.

And so, I made a drawn version of Double Devotion. This version was a bit more planned out, but I still ended up writing myself into corners here and there. I was also still kind of getting to know my characters, and so I unintentionally had them acting a bit out of character sometimes.

But I persisted, because by this point the characters had become like family to me and I really wanted to tell their story. After several attempts at rewriting it, I finally ended up with a version I was satisfied with, which is the one you can read on this website. It is obviously far from perfect, and I still see many flaws in my artwork, but if I waited until I wrote the perfect story, I would never publish anything! All in all, I'm happy with it. It is very rewarding to see your work on display and people reacting to it.

Happy reading!