This page may contain some minor spoilers here and there. Nothing too big, just a fair warning in case you'd rather experience the story without knowing anything beforehand.

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(Some look smaller/bigger than they are; not all their heights are accurate)

Sean & Bailey

Sean and Bailey grew up as next-door neighbours in the town of Linesbury, and had the happiest childhoods they could wish for ... until that fateful day when Jack, a boy they knew from school, unleashed his Fire Element powers on Linesbury. Sean and Bailey managed to get to safety, but they both lost their parents in the flames. After that, they lived with Bailey's grandmother for several years, until she also passed away. From then on, Sean and Bailey were on their own ... but they still had each other.

Ten years later, Sean and Bailey discover they have Elements of their own, and they join Adam's Academy where a whole new adventure awaits.


Phil was made headmaster of Adam's Academy when the original founder, Adam, retired.
Phil was born and raised by a loving mother (Samantha) and a strict father (Carl). As Phil grew up, he learned that he wasn't affected by temperature nearly as much as other people. Whether it was hot or cold, he was always comfortable. It turned out he had an affinity for the Ice and Fire Elements.

When he discovered this, Phil wanted to join Adam's Academy, but his father wouldn't allow it. Carl was obsessed with work; he had a successful business and wanted Phil to become his successor. It looked like Phil's dreams of becoming a trained Elementeer were in ruins ...

But one day, someone whom Carl had fired came back to try and kill him in mad revenge. Phil stopped that person by using his Elements, saving his father's life and showing him just how useful the Elements could be. Carl realized his obsession with work almost got him killed, and personally took Phil to Adam's Academy, allowing him to join at last.

Phil can use three Elements: Ice, Fire, and Electricity.


Adam grew up as an incredibly talented Elementeer, but he was not popular. The few Elementeers he met became jealous of his skills, and shunned him. Feeling lonely, Adam wanted to help other Elementeers reach his level, and that is how Adam's Academy came into existence.

One day, a very talented girl named Zara showed up, and Adam fell in love. They eventually got married and had a son named Trellian. There are some details surrounding this family that will be revealed later on in the story, so the rest of Adam's past will remain a mystery until then ...

Adam is one of the few Elementeers who has the Light Element. One useful skill this has given him is teleportation.


Born to Volt and Mary, and with a sister named Raida, Amp is an Electricity user with a lot of potential. He is the youngest student at Adam's Academy, but has already shown high amounts of power, speed, and especially stamina. Amp is very active during the day and rarely shows any signs of fatigue, but as a result of all that spent energy he falls asleep almost instantly when bedtime comes around.

Amp has a dragon-like plushie which is a reference to my friend AlexFili's Habilis Valitor project.


Raida is Amp's older sister, and has the unfortunate task of having to try and keep him in line. Raida does not have the same boundless energy as her brother, but is quite intelligent for her age. She provides a voice of reason whenever Amp tries to do something reckless.


When we first meet Libra, she is a bit of a hothead; overly sensitive and quick to anger. After Sean helps her in Bean Forest, she starts to see him as sort of a hero. At first she is jealous that Sean and Bailey are so close, but when she realizes they are 'just friends', Libra thinks she might have a chance ... and that's where things get awkward.


Not counting the students that have become part of the staff, Sturm is the oldest student at Adam's Academy. He is the reigning champion of the fighting tournament that is held among the students every year. Sturm wields the Elements of Wind and Dark, and he enjoys training in heavy storms because of that. He avoids thunderstorms however, because he is rather afraid of lightning.


Kirinda is one of the more experienced students at Adam's Academy, and has become part of the staff by this point. She sometimes trains newer students and can be rather strict, especially towards her son Tim.

Ian - Kirinda's husband and Tim's father - was killed by an Elementeer named Spence when Tim was still very young. It changed Kirinda for the worse; terrified the same thing might happen to her son, Kirinda now tries to protect Tim from any and all danger. She will not allow him to train and go out into the world, out of fear that he might come across hostile Elementeers. Though Phil and other people at the Academy have advised Kirinda not to restrict Tim's freedom this way, they haven't been able to convince her yet.

Kirinda can use the Elements of Water, Fire, and Earth, though she prefers not to use that last one because it reminds her of Ian, who was also an Earth user.


Sheff is another older student who has become part of the staff. He is always up on his feet, you'll rarely find him sitting or laying down. He even sleeps standing up! If you were wondering what his face looks like - sorry, not even the author of this comic knows what's behind that mask.

The fire that claimed the lives of Sean and Bailey's parents was lit by Jack. Nobody seems to know the exact details as to why or how it happened, but it seems that Jack lost control of his pent-up rage that day, and his Element powers came bursting out.


Trellian is Adam and Zara's son, and the founder of Trellian's Dojo. Just like Adam's Academy, Trellian's Dojo is devoted to training talented Elementeers. However, the big difference is that most, if not all, of Trellian's students are (former) lawbreakers. In that sense, Trellian's Dojo functions like a rehabilitation centre.

Whenever misbehaving Elementeers are apprehended by Adam's Academy, they are sent to Trellian's Dojo. Trellian is powerful and influential enough to keep them in line; he understands their internal struggles, which are similar to the ones he experienced growing up.
More details on this will be revealed later on in the story ...