Sean & Bailey page 98
18th Oct 2016
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Sean & Bailey page 98

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Author Notes:
18th Oct 2016, 9:53 AM

Reinforcements arrive just as Sean is trying to show us why he's a main character.

19th Oct 2016, 6:35 PM

How much abuse can Pirad withstand? Hopefully done now...
No way a random water user like him was just overlooking a father training his daughter. Too tough for that.

19th Oct 2016, 7:57 PM

The way I see it he was just enjoying bossing the other two around, enjoying that they feared/admired him.

And um, considering that's Amp's dad (among others) coming in to fight him now, yeah he might be done soon.

26th Oct 2016, 2:26 AM

Dynamic entry elbow ftw

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